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Massage Healthy Therapy, located in Bend, Oregon

Valerie Pearce, licensed massage therapist and owner of Massage Healthy Therapy, will help you maintain flexibility and good health, reduce stress, and recover from muscle tension, spasms or pain with different types of therapeutic massage, including shiatsu, deep tissue, Reiki, hot stone and Swedish, and fusion.

How Will Massage Benefit You?

Massage promotes general relaxation.
Massage increases flexibility and joint movement.
Massage relieves muscle tension and relaxes muscle spasms.
Massage can loosen scar tissue.
A massage tones, exfoliates and increases circulation to
   the skin.
Massage helps your body produce natural pain-killers to
   ease pain and soreness.
Massage promotes faster recovery from injuries and illness.
Massage also improves circulation of the blood and lymph
   systems, thereby strengthening the immune system.
And, massage reduces stress.

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